Mediation has saved many families from estrangement because of their business and or real estate entanglements.

Mediation provides a safe, secure and a cooperative environment, in which to discuss issues that handed on their own or in litigation may end not only the business venture , but many times also puts a family at odds and often breaks them apart.

Rivalry and negative feelings are often worked out in business ventures. Often times these negative issues permeate the business experience, putting the business needs second to the Family Conflict.

Family Business Issues Which May Be Mediated

  • Inability to determine if an adult child is suitable for a particular business position.
  • Elderly parent not willing to step down as C. E. O..
  • Confusion about which sibling may be the heir apparent to the succession within the company.
  • Inequitable Salary and Benefits for Relatives.
  • Family Employees’ Drug and/or Alcohol Abuse.
  • Shared Real Estate Issues.
  • Inability to expand Business, though it may benefit all.
  • Differing Viewpoints as to what direction the Business should go.
  • Differing Work Ethics among Family Employees.
  • Inappropriate Behavior of Family Employees to Non Family Employees.