Parenting Agreements

Often clients prefer to use Litigation for their financial divorce with the exception of the Parenting Agreement/Contract. Mediating your Parenting Agreement helps the participants focus on what is the Best Interests of Their Children.

Mediation of a Parenting Agreement focuses on the needs of both of the parents and the children. Parenting Agreements should reflect each parent’s interests in a continuing relationship with the children and define new roles while considering the needs of the children.

A successful, or even partially successful, mediation can give you two things; first, you will be able to have a full or partial parenting agreement or plan that you may have your attorney submit to court for approval and a written set of private house rules, that you may not have been able to negotiate on your own or through litigation. Second, your children will see their parents cooperate with a clearer sense of what parent does what and when, giving your children a sense of security.

The result of mediating your Parenting Contract as opposed to litigating it.


Mediated Parenting Contracts offer FLEXIBILITY AND CREATIVITY, without animosity.

Mediating your Parenting Contract is not only emotionally effective, but is also cost effective.

Mediation offers you the ability to emphasize to each other the benefit your children will have in keeping parental relationships as intact and functional as possible.

Mediation can keep Family Customs and Traditions Intact.

Mediation can help you become united in your ability to Parent.

Mediation can teach you Basic Parent – Business Principles.

Mediation can prepare you for Parent – Business Discussions, post divorce.

Mediation can teach you how to appreciate each other as co – parents.