Post Divorce

All divorces today are required to have Mediation as the first attempt at resolving Post Divorce Issues. Typically your Divorce Degree will require at least three hours of Mediation, prior to attending to the issue in court.

The same practice follows for Post Divorce Issues as it does for your typical Divorce Mediation. The main objective is to get both people to agree to an equitable and mutually agreeable resolution to their issue.

Post Divorce Mediation does differ to Divorce Mediation, in the fact that in Post Divorce, the Mediation only will focus on a very few issues, usually not more than three.

Issues that may be addressed in Post Divorce Mediation

  • Parental Behavior
  • Changes in Parenting Time
  • Parental Financial Support
  • Activities for the Children
  • Issues with Parent or Childís Health
  • Relocation
  • A Change in Parentís Marital Status
  • House Rules
  • Child/childrenís Behavior
  • Job Loss
  • Change in Parenting Contract